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Mike Walker and associate attorney Byron Simpson were among the first attorneys to be accredited by the Veterans Administration to assist veterans in obtaining their disability benefits.

If you are a veteran who was
injured in active duty, or a combat veteran suffering with a non-service related disability, you may be eligible for certain government benefits such as disability compensation, non service-connected pension, or death benefits for surviving family members. 

Often our veteran clients have struggled for years attempting to obtain proper benefits.  Some are no longer able to work, are in desperate need and feel like the country has turned its back on its heroes. We understand and are committed to helping.

 If you have been denied benefits offered through the Veterans Administration or feel that you received too low of a disability rating, please contact us.  Our knowledgeable staff is prepared to fight on your behalf from the appeals process at the regional level to the Board of Veteranís Appeals or, if necessary, to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.


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