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Mike Walker began his practice in 1984 and has represented more than 10,000 Social Security claimants and their families. His success rate is among the highest of all disability advocates. He represents individuals with both physical and/or mental impairments.

 Unlike other Disability Advocates, we will take your claim from the beginning, midway, or even if you already have a hearing scheduled.  You are not even required to go to the Social Security Office.


If for any reason, through an illness or injury, you  cannot perform a 40 hour work week on a regular and continuing basis, you may be eligible for Social Security benefits. There are two types of disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. The first is Social Security Disability, known as Title II or SSD. It is based on the amount you have earned and reported to the Internal Revenue Service. In short, it is based on what you have paid in.  The other potential benefit is Supplemental Security Income, known as Title XVI or SSI. There are two requirements to be eligible for SSI: (1) having disabling condition(s); and (2) meeting resource requirements. Certain resources are allowed but there is a cap. Resources above the cap could affect the benefits you receive.

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